Date of last revision: 03 April, 2019

Service Fee

Our fees are simple and straightforward!

Signing up and listing are free on LeapCloset.

Additionally, LeapCloset provides free of charge features as:

  • Access to a fashion community of sellers and buyers with interesting proposals.
  • Sellers can promote their fashion style.
  • Sellers can promote their own bundle discount strategy.
  • Buyers can chat and agree with sellers to purchase their listing items.
  • Buyers can search for specific sellers, listing items, brands, sizes, etc.

When the sellers make a sale, we deduct a service fee (%) from their items’ checkout price. This service fee goes from 19% to 11% and you keep from 81% to 89% respectively. The more you sell on a single transaction the less is your service fee. So, promoting bundles could be a way to take advantages of these fees. Here are the service fee brackets:

Items’ checkout price ($) Services fee (%) Sellers keep (%)
less than $175 19% 81%
from $175 and less than $400 17% 83%
from $400 and less than $800 15% 85%
from $800 and less than $1500 13% 87%
from $1500 11% 89%

The Service Fee includes already applicable sales taxes for the Services provided by LeapCloset to the sellers.

Here's what you get as a seller:

  • Buyer’s credit or debit card processing.
  • A pre-paid shipping label.
  • Status of the shipment delivery.
  • A limited insurance for all package mailed out.
  • Payment of your earnings to your bank chequing account.
  • A support team assistance.

Seller’s earning payments are executed once buyer has accepted the Purchase as per the Terms and Conditions of use.

Buyer Protection Fee

We aim to provide the buyers with better security and help they have a great buying experience. For this reason, we apply a buyer protection fee of $2 for a single item or a bundle purchased.

Buyer protection fee covers:

  • Secure payments and protection for your orders.
  • Delivery tracking and report.
  • Full support from our team in case a shipping insurance claim and delivery issues.
  • Resolution of issues raised from items received.

The amount of this protection fee will be clearly visible at the checkout, and already includes applicable sales taxes for the Services provided by LeapCloset to the buyers.

Shipping Costs

LeapCloset works with Canada Post to provide our users with fast, secure, and competitively-priced shipping.

The buyer is responsible to pay for the shipping cost at the payment page in any purchase.

The seller is solely responsible for ensuring that an item is acceptable for mailing by always checking before Canada Post’s non-mailable matters.

The following prices for shipping service apply:

Metric System

Package Size Maximum Package Volume (1) Price Insurance (2)(Canada Post)
Up to 0.75 kgs 3,375 cm3 $ 8.9
0.75+ to 1.5 kgs 6,750 cm3 $ 11.9
1.5+ to 2.5 kgs 11,250 cm3 $ 14.9

Imperial System

Package Size Maximum Package Volume (1) Price Insurance (2)(Canada Post)
Up to 1.7 lbs 212.67 ft3 $ 8.9
1.7+ to 3.3 lbs 412.83 ft3 $ 11.9
3.3+ to 5.5 lbs 688.05 ft3 $ 14.9
  1. NOTE: each package dimensions shall not exceed the corresponding “Maximum Package Volume” as per the “Package Size” selected or informed by the seller. If this occurs additional charges will apply to the seller.
  2. NOTE: the maximum coverage is $100 which include the shipping cost and items mailed out. If the package exceeds the weight limit and/or “Maximum Package Volume” as per the size selected by the seller, then it might NOT be insured and additional shipping costs might apply to the seller. Information about insurance herein is for information purposes only. Please visit Canada Post’s guide for more information about claims and refunds.
  3. NOTE: as of now this version of LeapCloset is only for residents of Calgary and some surrounding areas or the following Postal Code FSA range T1X – T4B.