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Hmm… has everyone seen me wearing this red dress?
Let’s offer it on the LeapCloset community
Hurrah! I sold the pants and got my payment already
Now let’s search for a nice dress for this special night
I’ll log in and post it
Let’s show nice pictures, a great description and an attractive price
I can’t believe what I’ve found
I’ll message them right away
Both Seller & Buyer chatted thru LeapCloset messaging feature
We sealed the deal once everything was clear & agreed (condition, price)
Shipped with care & love
Received a prepaid and ready-to-use shipping label
Got payment while the service fee was retained once the item was accepted
Enjoying the new experience
Received and reviewed the item prior accepting it
Shared the wonderful experience with friends
Refresh your wardrobe for much less while enjoying the experience
Detach and be part of a green community